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Combinés filetés Apex Gen2 8/6

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We have moved onto the latest generation Apex coilovers and have now released the Gen2 units.  These run larger diameter damper bodies in comparison to the Gen1s, they have a greater range of damping adjustment, they run rubber rear top mounts for quieter operation, they have revised low speed damping to give greater low speed comfort and they have a bearing mounted front top spring platform to prevent the spring from binding.
30 way damping adjustable, height adjustable through altering the length of the shock body, spring preload adjustable through the spring platform, front and rear alloy top mounts and with rose jointed front camber adjustement.  These kits offer absolutely fantastic value for money with all the features of coilover kits costing twice the price. 
8/ are for the more hardcore road driver or for the more track orientated car.They are ideal for general track and drift work but at the detriment of a lot of suppleness on bumpy roads.


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