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Pour Subaru GT GC8 apres 1997 a fin 2000

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390,00 € TTC

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Fitting a front mount intercooler is an excellent way of safely increasing your engine's power output. This is as a result of reducing the temperature of the air entering the engine, creating a denser charge. The standard Subaru top mount intercooler is a small unit mounted above the engine. Replacing it with a much larger, front mounted item means that much more cooling is on offer for the hot air trying to enter the engine. The cooler the air, the more power you will have on tap.


Tube & fin intercooler (600x300x76mm core)
3" inlet and outlet
TIG welded
Polished aluminium pipework
All necessary clamps and hoses included
1050cfm @ 0.5psi drop
Capable of handling up to 600bhp.

Fits Subaru Impreza Classic GC8 WRX & STi models (1997-2001).


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Kit echangeur frontal Japspeed

Kit echangeur frontal Japspeed

Pour Subaru GT GC8 apres 1997 a fin 2000